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The Tower of Hope's mission is to empower people who are living with a disability or a chronic illness to live more independently by providing them with specially trained service dogs. Our primary focus is on providing these amazing animals to wounded veterans - those that have suffered great physical or mental trauma defending our freedom. Having a service dog to help get through the day, and to be a constant companion, is truly a life-altering gift that we can give to these brave men and women.

You can help us give those in-need a chance to lead a better life, one with greater hope and purpose. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Tower of Hope. It takes 18-24 months and costs an average $25,000 to train each service dog. Every dollar donated helps us to fund the training of another service dog and enriches the life of someone in need.

Third-party Events and Corporate Sponsors: If you are interested in organizing your own community fundraising event: a "Walk, Run or Roll for Wounded Veterans", a Poker Event or Motorcycle Rally, a Charity Golf Outing or Fishing Tournement, a Veteran's Day or other type of third-party event to benefit The Tower of Hope and our mission to provide service dogs. Or, if you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please write us: . We also welcome anyone who can volunteer their time or services to help our cause.


Want to help a Wounded Warrior? Would you like to help a wounded warrior get a service dog and Live their Life with Greater Independence? We will help you to plan an event in your community. Write us: 



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Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Looking for a special gift for that special someone?
The H.E.L.P. Animals Club of Scarsdale High School students continue their hard work towards funding a service dog through The Tower of Hope. For more information or to support their effort write us: