100 Dogs in 1,000 Days Campaign

100 Dogs 1000 Days

Fact:  There are over 80,000 American troops who have been wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. These wars are still going on

Fact:  Thousands of these young men and women, selflessly serving our country and protecting our freedom, have lost limbs, suffered traumatic brain injuries, and have received other horrible wounds and injuries that have changed their lives forever

Fact:  There is an incredible means of changing these heroes’ lives and returning them to independence—an expertly trained service dog

Fact:  After many years of war, less than 100 service dogs have been placed with seriously wounded combat veterans from these wars

Fact:  The solution to putting these incredible dogs to work for these deserving men and women is our massive, collective effort to double the number of seriously wounded and injured veterans who have these service dogs within a very short period of time

On May 13, 2010 The Tower of Hope announces the “100 Dogs in 1000 Days” Campaign to double the number of service dogs for seriously wounded troops.

This campaign is designed to raise over $2.5 million to provide service dogs for these veterans.  To provide each of these service dogs to a deserving veteran at no personal cost.  To change their lives and help them regain independence.  To thank them for their service to our country.

This lofty goal is not without challenges:

1.  It takes two years to expertly train a service dog to assist these veterians
2.  It requires more certified facilities that are dedicated to this mission
3.  It requires an education program to inform the troops that these animals can be made available to them to restore independence and make their lives easier
4.  It requires money

There is no solution to the first barrier.  It takes two years for a dog to be trained to take on this important role.  There are absolutely no shortcuts to expert training.  The second and third barriers are somewhat easier to overcome:  The Tower of Hope will embark on a mission to identify more facilities who can provide these expertly trained dogs and it will begin a program of awareness and education of returning soldiers to educate them about the benefits of having a service dog, and that these dogs are available.

The fourth barrier has a solution, and it is in your hands.  On average, the cost of providing an expertly trained service dog to a wounded veteran costs $25,000.  100 dogs will cost $2.5 million.

When we begin today, we will assess the availability of trained service dogs that can be deployed immediately, and acquire them.  At the same time, we need to invest in facilities to breed and train these dogs on a two year timeline—and we must guarantee their cost so that the training facilities can invest the time to train them.  So we really don’t have much time—every day that passes is a day that a seriously wounded veteran waits for his or her dog.

At our Fourth Annual Gala on May 13, 2010 we will announce the beginning of this Campaign. With the generosity of people like you, we will have already made a significant impact on this bold endeavor.  But the work needs to be done.

We’re confident in our ability to get the dogs trained.
We’re confident in our ability to increase awareness among returning veterans that these dogs will change their lives.
And we’re confident that the generosity and appreciation of Americans across this country will help us achieve our goal.

100 Dogs in 1000 Days.  $2,500 per day.  Change a soldier’s life today.