Eleventh Service Dog

The Tower of Hope Provides Another Service Dog to a Disabled Veteran

New York, May 6, 2009 — For Immediate Release — The Tower of Hope, a charitable organization dedicated to providing funds for the training and pairing of service dogs with wounded or disabled individuals, today announced that it has provided its eleventh service dog to a deserving recipient. Service Dog Willie has been given to Grayson "Norris" Galatas. Norris had his career as a US Army combat engineer cut short due to injuries sustained while serving in Iraq in 2005. Willie has been trained to help Norris with his mobility and to compensate for weakness he experiences on his right side.

Sandra Frazier and Blue

Cathy Carilli, Founder and President of The Tower of Hope, said "We are humbled by the generosity of our donors that has allowed us to fund the training and pairing of Willie with Norriss. Service dogs can have a profound positive impact on individuals suffering from injury or chronic illness, and we continue to be inspired by the bravery and fortitude of those dedicating their lives to the preservation of our freedoms."

The Tower of Hope's primary focus is on providing specially trained service dogs to combat-wounded veterans - those that have suffered great physical or mental trauma or have lost limbs defending freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having a service dog to help get through the day, and to be a constant companion, is truly a life-altering gift we can give to these brave men and women.