The Tower of Hope and New York Sports Club Sponsor a Spin for Soldiers

Bike-a-thon 2009
Photo by Eric Gross

New York, May 8, 2009 — For Immediate Release — The Tower of Hope, a charitable organization dedicated to providing funds for the training and pairing of service dogs with wounded or disabled individuals, and the New York Sports Club of Baldwin Place, NY teamed up to sponsor a stationary bike ride that generated over $25,000 in donations. Each rider was backed by individuals who pledged to donate an amount tied to the number of miles the rider theoretically covered while "spinning". The event was concieved and organized by Ken Carroll, a nationally acclaimed spin trainer, and the New York Sports Club generously provided the facilities where 125 men and women cycled for four hours to raise money for The Tower of Hope. All of the money raised will be used to fund the training of a service dog for a disabled veteran of the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. Board members from The Tower of Hope are now working closely with organizers from the New York Sports Club to plan similar spinning fund-raisers in other Club locations throughout the Northeast.

Service dogs are not only physical assets to wounded veterans, but they also provide invaluable companionship and the inspiration to carry on in spite of their new owner's considerable pain and hardship. Since its founding in 2006, The Tower of Hope has raised the funds necessary to train thirteen service dogs which have been provided at no cost to serioiusly wounded veterans and others with chronic illnesses, allowing them to lead more independent lives.