Photos of October '09 Spin-a-thon

  1. Spin-a-Thon First class of the day, fresh at 8:30 am
  2. Spin-a-Thon . . . . and a little bit later, working hard
  3. Spin-a-Thon The 8:30 class with animated instructor Bob
  4. Spin-a-Thon Proudly displaying their special Spinathon T-shirts
  5. Spin-a-Thon Platinum Sponsor Shoprite makes donation
  6. Spin-a-Thon Gold Sponsor Dr. Hoskins, Croton Animal Hosp.
  7. Spin-a-Thon The 9:30 Class already working hard for veterans
  8. Spin-a-Thon ... and then displaying their Spinathon T-shirts
  9. Spin-a-Thon Silver Sponsor Toni Ann of Good To Go Gourmet
  10. Spin-a-Thon Managers from Platinum Sponsor Shoprite
  11. Spin-a-Thon Our 10:30 class ready for some spinning
  12. Spin-a-Thon The 10:30 class hard at it for our veterans
  13. Spin-a-Thon Proud display of Spinathon T-shirts for 10:30 class
  14. Spin-a-Thon "Wait, we missed the class T-shirt photo?"
  15. Spin-a-Thon The 12:30 class with NYSC staff, ready to spin
  16. Spin-a-Thon ... and spin instructor Doreen made them work hard!
  17. Spin-a-Thon Gold Sponsor Dr. Hoskins brought son Ryan to spin
  18. Spin-a-Thon At the finish line, the 12:30 class displays T-Shirts
  19. Spin-a-Thon The 2:30 class all ready for their spin adventure
  20. Spin-a-Thon Final class of the day proudly wears the T-Shirts!
  21. Spin-a-Thon TTOH Founder Cathy Carilli at Spinathon with Mark
  22. Spin-a-Thon Refreshments by Platinum Sponsor Shoprite