TTOH Board Member Serves His Country

Staff Sergeant David Nastri, a Tower of Hope Board Member since 2007, has recently been deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Nato mission.  He writes:
...My unit is the 1-102 Infantry based out of Connecticut, and we are in Eastern Afghanistan as part of the ISAF - International Security Assistance Force (Nato) mission here.  We are engaged in a counter insurgency campaign here, and the goal is to convince the population the the government of Afghanistan is a better option than the Taliban insurgents.   
We have over 600 soldiers here working in several Forward Operating Bases and Combat Outposts.  Our mission is primarily to provide security for the local population and work with the Afghans Security Forces to deny access to these areas by the Taliban.
I am in the Eastern part of the country, and my particular role is to provide security for our Battalion Commander.  In just a few weeks I have traveled all over our area of operations and seen a very big chunk of this country. 
I will be home again in the fall, and hope to spend Thanksgiving with my wife Dana and our family...and prayers sent in support of that goal are appreciated!

Please tell all of my friends on the board hello for me, and I look forward to seeing them soon...
Best regards,

  1. Lauren and Mary Staff Sgt.David Nastri, TTOH Board Member
  2. PCOM registration SSgt Nastri, Maj Dodson Maj Wilkinson LTC Evon